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the downhearted family

we have been a band for about a year now, some might think that is not that long, but for us it is, we have accomplished a lot more than most bands have in a longer period of the family we have tyler,biff, jared, paul(ie) and last but not least, charlie. tyler has been tearin' up the beats for over a decade now, and he keeps getting better, and faster, and more complicated. biff has been playin guitar for a few years now and has more talent than a lot of guitarists have, he can bring it down with a solo that sounds awesome right off the top of his head. jared has been rippin up his bass for about 4 or 5 years now, and all i have to say about his bass playing ability is ''wow''..and  paul is the singer, he started singing just about right when we started this project, and if i dont say so myself, i dont think he is  half bad.and finally, charlie, he is our wonderful manager, he keeps us in line, he books our shows, he gives us kick ass advice for our music, we would be lost with out him.and to all of our wondeful friends and fans, thank you for all the support you give us, we wouldnt be getting anywhere with out you.